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Silky Sexy Strong Women's Workout Wear!

“I love the sleek silky upscale look of the Born Tough outfits! It looks like a combination of High-tech modern Wonder Woman, and a real Human Bullet, with femininity and class.

I am a real, everyday woman as well as a Personal Trainer, who wants High-Quality threads. I want it to fit well, endure my exercising in it, a million washes, and feel good as well as look good on me and I look good in it.

Born Tough embodies this without breaking the bank!

I look forward to putting on Born Tough tracksuit pants and hoodies and staying in it all day long!!!

Go ahead and ditch the old tee-shirts and cheap leggings, and treat yourself to the feel and look of these high-quality pieces, that make you feel like no matter what sport or workout you're doing, you are Born Tough!” - Ronnie Loaiza, Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach


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