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Senior Fitness Trainer in Los Angeles, CA

Senior Strength - Mondays @10:00am
Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys - Contact for location


Feeling good and staying healthy to enjoy your life is what working out is all about. Ronnie, a senior fitness trainer in Los Angeles, CA, believes that people over 50 do not work their muscles or they work them incorrectly, but this is the age in which we need to use our muscles. We lose muscle mass, which affects every aspect of our health from our metabolism to our posture. Ronnie focuses on strengthening, stability, and flexibility in-person or through a live interactive personal training session. It is suited and modified for every level using small dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own body weight.  It is the perfect complement to cardio, yoga, and dance.


It is my pleasure, vocation, and passion to help people feel confident, healthy, and empowered, and to enjoy traveling, playing, functional movements in everyday life. Book an online session now! 

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