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Weight Loss Trainer in Los Angeles, CA

Judith M. I think of Ronnie as my personal Drill Sargent with empathy. She knows how far to push me and how important body strength and balance are. In just a few sessions, I feel more confident walking, have greater endurance and am overall alert and energized!


• Jonathan S. I'm a little over a month in and am super happy with the progress I'm making. I'm 25, tall and skinny, and have been working towards gaining weight/muscle. With Ronnie's eating advice and training plan, I've gained over 8 pounds and friends have been telling me they're seeing a difference in my body. Ronnie is super awesome, friendly, and challenges you to push forward and do more. Highly highly recommend!


• Lindsay M. "I believe my life is changing for the better, steadily, since meeting and working out with Ronnie! Ronnie is very experienced and tailors her work-outs to your needs and LISTENS to your concerns. I've had serious back problems and Ronnie is the first one to work out a great program while always bearing my injury in mind. I would recommend Ronnie to anyone!" 


Angel S. "Ronnie is an amazing trainer! She truly cares about her clients and their's not just about a all!She is an excellent motivator and works with each client individually to meet their specific goals.......not just a one size fits all fitness plan. She is AMAZING! I cannot recommend her highly enough! Try her.......YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Really an inspirational trainer and a wonderful human being!  5 stars!"Angel.. you are on the right track sweetheart. You are on your way to what you want. Thanks so much for the 'ups'. Ronnie


Rogelio R. "I started training with Ronnie only five weeks ago. I explained what I wanted to change in my body and she created a very precise personalized training and diet regimen for me. Within the first couple of weeks the results where showing and by the fifth week it was very noticeable. My belly is now a six pack and I am looking better every week. Cant wait for summer to show off. Thanks Ronnie."


Steven M. "Ronnie was great to work with. Not only did she keep work outs fresh and different, she taught me the proper eating habits to help me lose weight without starving myself." 


Denyse"Ronnie really knows what she is doing and works me to the max. How can I work out so hard and still love going back for more? Because I've become so much stronger and am seeing results so quickly." 


Daniel"Ronnie is a great personal trainer. I met her at Gold's Gym in Culver City. She helped me with my weight loss challenge. She told me what exercises to do, what to eat, so on." 


• Yamel R.  She's gentle yet tough! So far I'm having a blast and feeling the effects!


Megan S.  I have worked with Ronnie for several weeks now and she has been great. She is eager and enthusiastic about my training and is always ready to jump and get started. Ronnie is very friendly and knowledgeable about fitness and obviously cares a great deal about her clients' success. I greatly enjoy working with her and look forward to more sessions.


. Nita A. Being a woman of a certain age and size, I frankly had my doubts when I met Ronnie for the first time. I couldn't imagine such a young and energetic trainer having the skills or patience towork with me. But she surprised me with her knowledge and expertise. Could not have been abetter match. And her fitness class for over-60 is excellent -- and makes working out more fun! I highly recommend Ronnie as a top notch trainr!


. Elaine B. I am in a class that Ronnie teaches at 24Hr. Fitness in North Hollywood. I love it!!!! I'm signing up for another month. She makes you work and I see a real improvement in my body and my attitude. I can't wait for the next class.

Professional  Weight Loss Trainer in Los Angeles, CA

Ronnie is a weight loss trainer in Los Angeles, CA, who has been trusted by many with her persistent, knowledgeable, and core strength workout program. Schedule a live training session today with Ronnie.

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