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Thank yourself- for doing this!...

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what you have to be grateful. People say good health is the most important thing. And you know what? IT IS! So, thank yourself if you have been working out. If not, or you're just going through the motions and not varying up your workouts or not getting results, then, take action. NOW! Yes, you're busy, especially during the holidays BUT, guess what? You will ALWAYS BE BUSY! But think about it, if you start to exercise just a little bit during the holidays, imagine what you can accomplish exercise-wise after the New Year?! First, take a class or go to the gym at least once this before thanksgiving! Take a walk or workout Thanksgiving morning

and keep it going the following week. And, while you may think getting a Personal Trainer is a waste of money or time, ask anyone who has had a good one, it benefits you in SO many ways. I see people at the gym either doing a move wrong using the equipment incorrectly and I want to help them so badly! But I don't. It's their time, and it's my profession. People also get in a rut and keep doing the same thing, year, after year, with no progress or challenge to their body or fitness level. Personal Training is an investment, not an indulgence, and it's a good investment with great returns if you get the right trainer! Get going. Do it! I can offer you a short 3-session trial package to see if it's for you. There's no long-term commitment and no pressure. It's a way to get an assessment, figure out what you really want, and need, and get help. Check me out on yelp or my website If you do it this week before Thanksgiving, I'll give you even more of a discount, and another reason, to give thanks, to yourself!

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