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Did you even taste that?!

Did you even taste that?!

How fast you eat can add unnecessary and unwanted pounds.

So, did you truly slowly savor what you just took a bite of, or did you woof it down? Have you ever caught yourself eating so fast you don’t separate herbs, seasoning, textures and fine details of that dish? Or is what you eat such mass junk the sugar, fat or salt is all that you really crave and detect?

If you eat so fast that you eat until you’re full, you are wasting a wonderful slow experience, and, you are prone to eat more than you need. It takes about 20 minutes before your digestive system tells the brain that your body has had enough, and is satiated. Eating at a good moderate controlled rate also helps avoid heartburn. Studies show that people who were constantly popping antacids fixed the problem by slowing down while eating, putting the fork down in between bites, tasting their food, chatting or moving around their food and visibly enjoying it before putting it in their mouths, then chewing longer before swallowing.

Food also tastes better when you chew slowly and savor it. In a study conducted at the University of Rhode Island, tests showed that people who at a slower rate of eating and fewer calories in one sitting were more satisfied and happy with that meal than those who ate faster and more food in that same meal. “Calorie for calorie, you will experience greater palatability at the slower rate, reports Kathleen Melanson, Registered Dietitian, and Ph.D., assistant professor of nutrition and food at the University.

Here are few reminders of what we were probably (and hopefully) taught as children, that will help us eat better now:

• Take small bites.

• Chew each bite 15 to 20 times.

• Savor the food as you chew.

• Swallow before taking the next bite.

• Pause between bites and take a sip of a no-calorie drink aka water

• Between bites, be aware of how your HUNGER is being sated. (Satisfied) (real hunger, not mindless desire)

• And one of my tips for work or home- eat just a bit of your lunch at lunchtime, then nibble on the rest about an hour or so later if you are still truly hungry, or keep it for part of dinner or your next day’s lunch, and eat a couple of snacks later before dinner, such as an apple or other natural fruit, a cheese stick, raw nuts and other healthy treats.

• Again, always put your fork, spoon, chopsticks – whatever- down on the plate in between bites. Don’t be fixing the next bite as soon as you’ve put one in your mouth.

You’ll look more civilized eating a bit slower and you’ll lose more weight!

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