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What do you feel when you’re at the gym? Despite them seeming busy, lots of people tell me they hate going there, but more so, being there. They can’t quite explain why, but the anxiety and frustration usually have them hating their workout, doing their workout rushed and badly, and ultimately keeps them from going at all.

But, most of my clients tell me, no, they thank me, for making it easier and for taking their focus off others, and more onto us, our time together, and themselves. AND THEY LIKE IT! With a trainer, you feel like you know what you’re doing-especially because you have your trainer to blame for what you are doing, and you feel special, important, competent and accomplished. Plus they eventually see results and THAT is a great feeling!

With a trainer, you learn how to use the equipment, gym etiquette, safety, how to correctly do the exercises for YOUR body and goals. The worst mistakes I see are people sneaking peeks at others and trying to imitate them. What they do may be wrong, or just not proper for you.

If you’re on your own, learn proper gym etiquette. How do you ask to work in on a piece of equipment? How do you offer to share? Also, it’s important to rerack, use a towel, wipe up afterward, not give unsolicited advice and not to stare. Finally, working with your schedule, try to go during low- traffic times.

You may not believe it, but honestly, if you feel like people are staring at you, judging you, or laughing at you inside, it is just that… a feeling, stemming from your own nerves and insecurities. That’s normal. It’s understandable, and it’s easy to overcome by asking yourself… is that guy really looking at what I’m doing? Watching him, then truly seeing if it’s true. And if it is, Smile, then workout. It’s your time, your membership, your life. He doesn’t pay your rent. He doesn’t buy your groceries, he doesn’t have a great trainer like you would in me! (If indeed you are!)

- Ronnie Loaiza

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