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Ditch Processed Foods Now!

Ruffles, Doritos, Oreos and Lays… Raisin Bran, Sliced Bread, and even Special K… what do they have in common. They are Processed “food”. They are enriched, partially hydrogenated crap hiding behind the veil of nutritious, fun, and tasty. They slow down and your metabolism. Thus, you gain a lot of weight. They derange your hormones, thus can cause you to be pre-diabetic, have high cholesterol, sugar cravings, man boobs, who knows!? And they make you want to eat more processed foods! If it comes in a box or contains refined grains, hydrogenated oils, or added sugar and preservatives--- it’s processed. Keep it up, and soon you won't be able to control your weight at all! Why? How? YOUR BODY DOESN'T RECOGNIZE Processed (Junk) AS FOODS. Processed foods don't come from nature; they come from factories. The more the factories make, the more money they companies make. The less the companies have to spend on quality raw material, the more profitable it is for them. YOU DON’T MATTER> YOUR HEALTH TO THEM, DOESN’T MATTER. The diet of the 20th and 21st centuries are made up of cheap crops like corn, soy, and wheat, combined with a barrage of chemicals to make them actually taste like something. So your brain keeps asking for real food, NATURAL FOOD, and you keep eating the processed foods. Your body doesn't know what to make of the mess of toxic chemicals you just put into it. And, you get fat. Then, you stay fat. Ditch the processed. Buy and eat clean. Natural, just like we did 100, 200 years ago. Feel and BE healthier, sexier, better. (Healthy is sexy!)

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