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Is the city you live in Fit?

Is the city you live in Fit? Does it affect you? Well, the quality of life and who you hang out with can affect your weight and your health. The following are among the United States’ top 27 overall Healthiest Cities except for Honolulu which is in the top 60, but… being a biased Personal Trainer, I have listed them in order of their Fitness Ranks 1 being best, 10 being the 10th best in fitness.

The entire list is comprised of 170 American cities ranked by their qualities of food, fitness, healthcare options and the quality of their green spaces. (study by WalletHub*)

Scottsdale, AZ - Fitness Rank:1

Seattle - Fitness Rank: 2

Atlanta, GA - Fitness Rank: 3

Denver - Fitness Rank: 4

San Diego, CA - Fitness Rank: 5 (food rank 6)

Burlington, Vermont - Fitness Rank: 6

Las Vegas, NV - Fitness Rank: 7 (food rank 73!)

Portland, Oregon - Fitness Rank:8 (food rank 5)

San Francisco - Fitness Rank: 9

Tampa, Fl – Fitness Rank 10

Other interesting ones:

Washington, D.C. - Fitness Rank: 27

New York, NY - Fitness Rank 46 (food rank 2!)

Irvine - Fitness Rank: 16 (food rank 13)

Honolulu: Fitness Rank: 59 (food rank 3) These Cities Were Ranked America’s Healthiest by WalletHub – a company that offers free consumer tools, such as its Financial Fitness Tool, free credit reports, credit scores and credit monitoring. It also compiles surveys such as city rankings on various subjects. I neither agree nor disagree

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