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So many diets, yet so many pounds!

So many diets, yet so many pounds! Keto, Vegan, Paleo, Dash! These are just a few of the latest fad diets, oh, I apologize, I mean, eating plans, that lots of people in the U.S are following. People swear theirs is the best most wonderful right on diet ever. Well, hmmm… if so many people are following these diets, and eating so well, then why are so many people in this country overweight, or obese? Two-thirds of all Americans are weighing in as overweight or obese. My observation from talking to clients, is that their caloric intake is high, and their level of physical activity is down. That does not necessarily mean they are not working out. It may mean that they, or you are not working out with variety, correctly, or with new challenges. Variety with consistency are key. Yes, the source of your calories is important. Most bodies do best with correctly small portions of NON-PROCESSED Foods that include plant-based foods (yes Virginia, veggies are carbohydrates), fruits (again, fruits are carbohydrates), no icky syrupy stuff called soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks, and good varied sources of protein, fats and YES once again-- - GOOD Carbohydrates. Bethene Ervin, PhD, a nutritional epidemiologist with the National Center for Health Statistics at the CDC says recommends “consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. That would be the best way to beat obesity.” Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 or more, counting your calories is vital - knowing how many calories you’re putting in your mouth and swallowing. Sorry if it annoys you, but that it annoys you is on you. You can change your feeling about it, not obsess or bother others with it, do it in silence, happily with a good attitude about it. I can scan a plate and know nearly to the tee how many calories are in those foods. You make a fun game out of it. The more you do it, the quicker and easier it is. And, the number or calories you actually consume just may surprise you. So, a combo of good exercise, custom-tailored to you, and knowing how many calories from your eating plan, is what will help you lose weight, and keep it off for life! A good personal trainer worth his should know how to help you.

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