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Strength for Daily Life: Team up with a Personal Fitness Trainer in Los Angeles, CA

HeyRonnie empowers you to live a life that is full of activity and motion. As your personal fitness trainer in Los Angeles, CA, I offer a range of courses that allow you to build strength, flexibility, and endurance. Team up with me, and you’ll discover how easy it is to become strong at any age.

About Me

Being Strong at Any Age!

I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and also a Senior Fitness Specialist. My depth of knowledge includes biology, physiology, and the psychology of aging adults. By applying practical methods, I teach participants about the fundamentals of fitness. I separate the myths from the science, ensuring everyone learns what their bodies need to remain healthy and strong.


We all naturally lose balance and muscle mass every year after 50. However, that doesn’t mean time should ever dictate how you live. You need to and can increase muscle mass after 50 - and do so safely.


Whether you are starting your health journey or would like to pursue a different direction, I am here as your guide. Contact me in Los Angeles, CA, to sign up for personal training online at home.



North Hollywood

At One Fitness


Action Personal Training

Sherman Oaks

Max Fitness Academy

You deserve always to be the best version of yourself. Don’t let age or any arbitrary numbers get in the way of your dreams. By joining me for classes, you will learn how to improve your range of motion and build muscle that you can use in your daily life.

The classes I host are specially tuned for post-injury rehabilitation, pre- and post-natal, and also senior fitness. Together, we’ll go over the motions, discuss health and nutrition, and much more.

Personal Fitness Trainer Los Angeles, CA

Offering Online Courses

Given today’s public health concerns, it can be challenging to stay active and safe. Instead of going to a gym, you can exercise in the comfort of your home.


I utilize videoconferencing platforms as your virtual personal trainer. You’ll still get the guidance you’d find at a fitness class--and all without worrying about crowds.


Deborah Ann Woll 


Daredevil ~ True Blood



"Ronnie has been an excellent and fun instructor.! She keeps the workouts challenging and varied. I have always lacked the motivation to work out on my own and her positive guidance has begun to turn that around for me.  I feel stronger and have accomplished many physical goals that I never thought I'd reach. Ronnie comes to my home for our sessions and is always on time and upbeat. And although I have some basic equipment she supplements with her own as well. TRX anyone? So great. I feel sore the day after but not so bad that I can't sleep or find myself dreading the next session. Just enough to know you did some good.         I Highly recommend Ronnie."

Senior Specific Fitness
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